ROMANITAS by Sophia McDougall
ROMANITAS by Sophia McDougall
ROMANITAS by Sophia McDougall
ROMANITAS by Sophia McDougall
ROMANITAS by Sophia McDougall



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High-speed magnetway lines render travel to all parts of the Empire fast and efficient.

Rome. The eternal city, capital of the Empire. The Novian Dynasty has held power since 2509 AUC [1756 AD]. Health to the Emperor, Titus Novius Faustus Augustus. SPQR. The

Gallic Alps. Scene of the terrible crash that recently claimed the lives of the noble Tertius Novius Faustus Leo and Clodia Aurelia.

Independent Africa. Held by Rome from 2352 AUC [1599 AD], established independence in 2509 AUC [1856 AD] , after first rebelling against Rome in 2492 AUC [1739 AD] In a world dominated by Empires, and as the only major region to have shaken off an Imperial yoke, Southern Africa remains in a state of flux, although attempts to integrate the various small states into a single power-bloc are ongoing.

Sina. ‘The Middle Kingdom’ entered a period of expansion in the period beginning 1459 AUC [647 AD] , in order to compete with and protect itself from Roman growth. This rivalry ceased under the Cordian Dynasty in 1736 [983 AD], but an ensuing warm phase of relations between Sina and the West ended with Rome’s failure to assist Sina against Nionian incursions beginning in 2204 AUC [1451 AD]

Nionia. Rome first came into contact with the chain of islands in 1863 AUC [1110 AD] at which point it appeared of little consequence to the West. Unified between 2086-89 AD [1333-36 AD] by the Emperor Go-Daigo, its expansion into a global power began in 2204 AUC [1451 AD]. Tension between Rome and Nionia flared into a series of wars as the two Empires jostled for power in Terranova in the 25th and 26th Centuries AUC, [1647-1833 AUC] The conflict has left lasting scars and an arms race of varying intensity continues.

The Persian Gulf. The magnetway bridge being built to cross the Gulf should be complete within the next two years.

Great Wall of Terranova. Built under the Mixigana Treaty of 2586 AUC [1833 AD] to consolidate the division of Roman and Nionian territory. An enormous, sombre structure punctuated by watchtowers, the Wall is the largest man-made object on earth.

Terranova. First sighted by Romans 2193 AUC [1440 AD], invasions begun by both Rome and Nionia 2537 AUC [1604 AD]. Swept by war in the 25th Century AUC, [1647-1747 AUC, resulting in the present division of territory.

Mexica & Maia. A separatist uprising that spread across the region in 2753 AUC [1982 AD], was quelled by Tertius Novius Faustus, a formative experience which gained him the agnomen ‘Leo’ and much popularity in the Empire.

South Terranova Rome expanded Southwards after the settlement with Nionia in 2586 AUC [1833 AD]

Goshu. Conquest completed by Nionia in 2334 AUC [1581 AD]


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